Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2X Sets Of Double Tix Up For Grabs For The Jozi Craft Beer Fest. Hmm...

What's better than a craft beer fest? Free tickets to a craft beer fest, obviously... and I'm giving away 2 sets of Double Tickets to Jozi's original and flippen best craft beer fest of them all. To win your set, all you need do is answer a simple question: 

How many flippen delicious craft beers can you expect at the Jozi Craft Beer Fest?

Send your answer to hewhosayshmm@gmail.com 

If you're fast enough and of course, CORRECT, you'll win a set of Double Tickets. Boom! 

Aaaaaaand GO!


Pampers' Touching Ad After The Royal Birth. Hmm..

This ad was filmed over 24 hours in British hospitals. It features real families who gave birth on May 2nd, just as Princess Kate did. The point? Every baby is born a prince or princess, no matter who the parents are. Take a bow, Pampers. That's how it's done. And well done, Saatchi London for dreaming this up. 

Coke Wants Us To Choose Happiness. Hmm...

Soooooo when did Coke become Levi's?  

John Oliver On Standardised Testing. Hmm...