Friday, March 6, 2015

A Touching Ad About Borrowed Time. Hmm...

This is the first ever TV ad out of digital agency, Quirk JHB. It's for for Telecom giant, Orange and their African NGO, Orange Babies. 

Dreamed up by the always inspiring Fran Luckin and Steph Van Niekerk (nice job, ladies), it's a truly heartfelt ad about borrowed time. About a young mother with HIV trying to show as much of the world to her baby girl as she can, before time runs out for both of them. An all to familiar reality for far too many people in South Africa.  

Orange Babies is a Dutch NGO dedicated to helping pregnant women with HIV and their babies throughout Africa. It's a weird-ass name, a terrible ams, in fact, but a really fantastic cause. With enough people's help, perhaps they can, in fact, make a difference. That's where you come in. Share the crap out of this ad and get it out there as much as possible. You can also SMS 'babies' to 49245 and R20 will be donated to the cause. Your money will go towards the treatment and education of young mothers with HIV. If you don't want to SMS, you can also make a donation at


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