Monday, January 5, 2015

The Giant Flag Project. Hmm...

Back in 2010, after the FIFA World Cup, a friend of mine, Guy Lieberman, had an idea. An idea so big in fact, you'd be able to see it from space... and soon, you may just be able to. Guy wants to transform a patch of Karoo desert into a living South African flag. The flag will be made up of 2.5 million succulent plants and thousands of solar panels (enough to power over 4000 homes in the area) spanning about 163 acres, the size of 66 soccer fields. A massive draw card for tourists and nature lovers. Think of it as using green tourism to fight poverty... and you know what, Guy just may do it. Funding is already under way. The project needs about $20million to work. So head on over to The Giant Flag website and adopt a plant/part of the flag for as little as $10 a plant or $250 for a solar panel. Oh and just so you know this is a very real project and not some spec bullshit from an ad agency, The Giant Flag Project just made CNN's list as one of the Top 10 Ideas To Change The World. Guy, buddy, I smell Cannes Titanium. Better yet, a better life for all. Very proud of you, dude. 

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