Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back From Outer Space. Hmm...

AfrikaBurn really is another planet. Especially compared to last year. Which is why I'm so glad to be back home here in Jozi. Sure, epic fun was had by all, at night mostly, but something's changed from last year, and it's probably me. So while I'll never judge those who will undoubtedly be telling everyone how amazing this year was, I think this will be my last AfrikBurn for a while. Until, at least, I can figure out a way to re-capture the magic that stirred in me all those times before, when AfrikaBurn wasn't all about partying into the wee hours of the morning. When it was also about human connection and kindness and inspiration and witnessing the best of humanity when societal boundaries are dissolved around us and we're left to just be respectful towards one another... The aspects of life I hold so dear that were so minimal at AfrikaBurn this year I could hardly see it. And yes, there will be those who'll say that I should "be the change I want to see." That it's up to me... And they may be right. And you know what, I may just do it. I'm just not convinced it'll be in Tankwa Town.

 (pic by Phil Joubert)



  1. This year was kinda sad, and I'm also struggling to describe why. Something has definitely changed.

  2. I felt the same way this year and I thought it was me, but having spoken to a other people I've found out that many are feeling the same way... Having said that, I tried to find the good in people and in the event as a whole and there was a lot of goodness there. I think AB can go back to what it used to be, but I'm not sure how we get it back there. Thanks for the lovely, articulate post, and well done for putting a lot into just a few words.

    1. We'll take back the burn, you'll see. Even if it takes a year or two. The more good-hearted people we bring to Tankwa to counter the ugly element the better. It's one way to restore the balance that was so lacking this year. Don't give up hope.

  3. Remember that we are growing... these are growing pains. Sure things have changed; that is good: it means we are learning and growing.
    Have a look at BurningMans' MOOP maps.
    They also went through a slump during the major growth years, just as we are now.
    Keep hoping, keep teaching, keep growing.