Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get Your Tissues Ready. Nando's NEKNomination Response Is Here. Hmm...

In response to their NEKNomination, Nando's has committed to completely revamping a disabled day care centre, outside Alexandra Township, called Sithandiwe. They'll be giving them a industrial kitchen and a super amazing dining area so that they can prepare and serve meals more easily for the over 100 disabled children and adults they take care of every day. This way, they can have a lovely new space to spend time together as a family. Only in South Africa!!! Gotta love it! Sithandiwe's kitchen revamp is currently under way. So stay tuned for the follow up vid... Until then, click here to see how you too can help Sithandiwe. Pretty sure they could use, oh I dunno, a new mini-van, ahem South African car brands! Oh and Sanral, they should prob not pay any e-tolls either. Your move. 

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