Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Jacket That Lights Up When You Eat Cadbury's. Hmm...

How flippen amazing is this idea? Some wonderfully talented friends of mine at Hirsch & Mann in London were asked to create this little piece of tech awesomeness for Cadbury's a few months ago - a jacket that literally lights up the second you eat a Cadbury's chocolate. A visual representation of their "joy" strategy, no doubt, but on a level never seen before. The jacket's filled with all sorts of speakers and LED's and a bunch of other things I can't spell or pronounce correctly. When my mates told me what they were up to, I couldn't wait to see it and finally, it's here!!! Just looking at it brings me joy. Imagine wearing it? Check it out in action here:

Oh, and here's the Making Of:

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