Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something For The Culturally Starved. Hmm..

I flippen love Joburg. It's just growing and growing and growing with awesome every day. But like most big cities, new becomes old hat and suddenly the Forweigens rock up, at what used to be the "cool, chilled" spot is now packed to the brim with boet, and you stop going and cultural starvation sets in. So some good friends of mine recently put together a night of awesome that remedies the situation quite nicely. It's called Salon Night, an occasional fusion of music, conversation, gastronomy and culture with exceptional talks chosen to stimulate your brain. Sound good? You flippen right it does. They've already had the first of what I'm hoping will be many of these. So do your brain a favour and check 'em out here for updates. You're welcome. 

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