Friday, September 13, 2013

FNB's Latest Brand Ad. Hmm...

A story about a little girl afraid of the dark and all it holds, yet she has no choice but to venture out night after night... Until one person, a stranger whom she never meets, uses his skills to help her, in a most innovative, unexpected and beautiful way. 

A modern day fable to inspire South Africa's next generation of innovators; the tinkerers, the makers, the backyard inventors. Ordinary South Africans with extraordinary ideas that may one day change someone's world for the better. After all, all an idea needs to become a world-changing innovation is a chance, and a little help to light the way. 

A lovely promise from a bank built on 175 years of helpful innovation. Created by FNB and MetropolitanRepublic. Directed by the always awesome Robin Goode from Giant Films. Oh, and the track is called Life by Ludovico Enaudi, masterfully crafted and spliced together by Dave Flippen Harris at Freq'ncy..

All other additional embedded video content created by Gloo Digital.

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  1. How did you figure out what the track is called? I've been looking for it! :)