Monday, June 17, 2013

Cannes Day 1. Hmm...

So after a very entertaining 8 hour flight to Dubai, a really boring 4 hour wait in Dubai airport and another I-don't-know-how-long-but-it-felt-like-an-eternity from Dubai to Nice, it finally started to kick in that we were on our way to have a most awesome time at the Cannes International Advertising  Festival. Of course the flippen awesome black helicopter that was waiting for us at Nice airport helped solidify this. 

Yup, 6 of us climbed into what looked like Batman's chopper and within 7 minutes we were in Cannes, having flown over the most amazing villas, yachts, sea and what we convinced ourselves were hordes of bikini-clad frenchies. Yes. Cannes was gonna be epic. 

Except, we go to our apartment and there was no one to let us in. So we waited and waited and called and called and nothing. A scam some people told us. Property brokers taking people's money online and never showing up at the property... but being South Africans, we made a plan and are now in a flippen rad apartment up the way from the Palais in Cannes. 

Yesterday broke us a little, but now that we've all slept and rested and most importantly, showered... we're gonna go punch Cannes in the face. I'll do my best to blog about the radness we encounter each day, but if I miss a few here and there, it's because, well, this is the South of France, things happen very slowly here. And I also might be at the beach or if anyone at the office is reading this, at a very inspiring talk about advertising. Hehe.  

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