Friday, November 9, 2012

40km Closer To Camps Bay. Hmm...

Day 2 and 20 more km. Hello Ennedale, you biscuit.
So it's only been 24hrs since I posted about The 1413 and already, some of you wonderful peeps are getting behind this little project of mine. You know who you are, and you're flippen awesome. Thank you!

That said, I'm now 40km down after day 2 and only 1373km "away" from beautiful beach at Camps Bay. And according to my Nike+ Fuel Band (see below), I'm more than half way to my daily goal. *Self-5!*

Remember, if you want to get involved, be it riding alongside me in the gym or just sponsoring each km, hit me up using one of the contact buttons at the top rightish corner of my blog. 

Any amount will do. 10c per km, R1, R10... or even a simple one-time donation. It all goes to charity in the end. Still waiting on some recommendations of worthy causes, people.  Alrighty, gotta get ready for work. Laterz!

Sarah Silverman Pranks Conan O'Brien. Hmm...

She's the flippen best.  

Is YouTube Making Us Smarter? Hmm...

Yes. No. Maybe. Look a cat!