Sunday, March 4, 2012

My New Favourite TV Show. Hmm...

Just watched the pilot episode. It's like Inception as a TV series. In other words, get your hands/eyes/brain on it ASAP!

If Only. Hmm...

Immaterial canned goods made by Mad Hagstrom

Could This Be The iPad 3? Hmm...

Check this awesome concept out:

The Magnificent Return Of Adam Sandler. Hmm...

This. Looks. Amazing. And so does Leighton Meester. Wowsers! I have to say, I thought we'd seen the last of Sandler's genius and yet here we are. That's my boy!

Frankenweenie!!!! Hmm...

Tim Burton has remade his 1984 short film into a feature-length 3D movie. So flippen rad! I think I just had an eyegasm.

Best 24 Hours In Cape Town Ever! Hmm...

With only a few hours sleep under my belt from the previous night's #5GumExperience of awesomeness, I hopped a flight to Cape Town for the second Two Door Cinema Club show.
As soon as we landed, we headed to tonight's "secret venue"
I'm sure you'll agree, especially if you were there with us last night, an abandoned cement factory in Philipe is the perfect place to host a few thousand fans of one of the world's best live bands.
After we picked our mouths up off the floor of the venue, we headed into CT to put some food in them.
We decided on The Power & The Glory - an amazing hipster hot dog joint. Suffice it to say, weird things happened. Weird delicious things made of pretzel rolls, craft beer and carrot cake.
Talking about craft beer, one cannot go to CT without stopping at &Union for brewskies, pulled pork sandwiches and...

Beer pong!
and their very own Karoo-made tequila aptly called La Muerte (The Death)
Upon surviving the day's debauchery, it was time to head to our 5 Gum event

We headed back to the venue and watched it turn from this...
Into this!

There were pretty lights and everything
Everyone had a blast. Some just got blasted!
So we caught a few zzz's, check out of the hotel and headed to fill our gaping bellies

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and pesto was a good choice.

A bad choice was Kulula. A flight that, in true Kulula style, arrived late with the added benefit of tiny seats, screaming babies, turbulence and terrible jokes. What a day.