Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're Not A Whore If It's For Chairty. Hmm...


"The End" For Jim Morrison? Hmm...

The poster child for every nonconformist out there and legendary front-man for The Doors, may finally have the chance to rest in peace. The current governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, says he will be pursuing a posthumous pardon for two criminal convictions that Jim Morrison received after some very "alleged" bad behavior at a 1969 concert in Miami. 

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Hmm... of the day

There's a 5,700–word opus on "The Future of Advertising" in the latest Fast Company about what lies in store for the old guard. The short version: less TV, less money, more digital, more collaboration. Oh, and apparently ad agencies are totally screwed. They're lambasted for a slew of well-known problems: that they have terrible compensation models and misaligned incentives, and that they're over-reliant on TV, commoditized and sometimes rendered obsolete by technology. Sound familiar to anyone? Yup.