Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Lip Syncing YouTube Star Earns Some Much Needed Cred. Hmm...

His name is Keenan Cahill and he's made tons of bad lip syncing videos to hit songs that have somehow sprouted a huge following on YouTube. Now, he's finally earned some mad props from a rather unlikely source. So friggen cool!

Hmm... of the day

See if you can name all of them. Click the image to enlarge. Or go here to see individual musician posters.

Not So Happy Meals. Hmm...

So, get this. San Francisco is the first city in America to ban toys in meals for kids. The law doesn't go into effect until December 2011, but once it does, all restaurants (not just Micky D's) will only be able to include plastic kid's crap in meals that have less than 600 calories and no more than 35 percent of the calories can come from fat. It's no solution for child obesity, but hey, it's a start. Sorry Ronald. You'll have to sling your shit elsewhere, like in your "salads"  - you know, the ones that are higher in calories than your double chesseburger meals... They are delicious though. 

Clint Eastwood's The Man. Hmm...

Esquire magazine recently commissioned a survey of twenty- and fifty-year-old American men, and when asked to name the coolest man in the country, both groups chose Clint Eastwood. No fancy pants sports stars. No rock stars. Not even a certain cat named Obama. No. They chose an 80-year-old tough guy who's blazed a trail of success and manly inspiration for well over 5 decades the likes no one has even come close to. Good choice America, though I'm sure Clint Eastwood probably doesn't give a damn.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/features/thousand-words-on-culture/clint-eastwood-masculinity-1110#ixzz14l08hiMT