Monday, October 4, 2010

Headphonies. Hmm...

Now they've gone and done it. Some super genius has mixed the awesomeness that is a  vinyl toy and the love that is music to create Headphonies. Tiny speakers built into super-cool vinyls that generate rad sound (I tried 'em out before buying one of course). They're at the Xupa store in Cape Town. I imagine for not much longer though... ROCKING!

Back To Normal. Hmm...

Back to Jo'burg.
Back to work - new & wonderful work @ a new & wonderful agency :)
Back to nights that don't end up becoming back-to-back 5am nights.
Back to routine. 
Back to healthy.
Back to favourite nooks and crannies.
Back to all the things worth going back to.
Back to good.