Friday, September 24, 2010

IDEO's Vision For The Future Of The Book. Hmm...

I Slept In A 150-Year-Old House. Hmm...

The night before driving through to the Drakensburg, we stayed in this old home in Harrismith. It's been fully restored and filled with antiques - most of which are for sale. These old-school tennis racquets for example were only R130 each. Bargain!

The doorway to the main bedroom. Creepy no? Must be why I slept like the dead.

Antiques adorning the walls of my bathroom.

Somewhere a scarecrow is walking around barefoot. Shame man.

The stoop outside my room.
The outside rock garden eating area.

Cool hey? Old vinyls as place mats.

A lovely antique typewriter. I made him an offer. He said no. What a bastard.

One of the crockery cabinets in the old-school kitchen.

Rad stained glass doors found in an old church in Harrismith.

And why not plant a bicycle in the garden?

The owner restored this 1948 Chevy. Super rad.

The exterior of De Oude Huise Yard in Harrismith. To see more go to this site.