Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Bikram Yoga Class. Hmm...

Yeah, I wish. I looked more like a giant scoop of vanilla ice-cream rapidly melting on the hot cement near a group of hungry sugar-deprived fat kids.

It was ugly. It was sweaty. It was 90 minutes of absolute hell. I say hell because it was 40 degrees Celcius and my body hasn't been that twisted and upset with me since I fell off a Swiss Alp in the Summer of 2001 (it's a long story).

All in all, I feel amazing. I made it through the whole class without falling on my ass or on anyone else (lucky for them) and ended up burning 1650 calories! 

That said, I'm quite thirsty and hungry and full of energy and, crap, now I'm tired. 

Check out and try it. If I can Jew it, so can Jew.

The Happy Sunday Bicycle Song. Hmm...

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL: "The Bike Song" from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

The Truth & Nothing But The Truth. Hmm...