Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Future That Never Happened. Hmm...

2010 isn't exactly what people of the past had envisaged. No jet packs. No smart dust. No homes on the moon... What we do have however, is Will Ferrel. And Wired magazine used him to explain their take on why the future never happened. Read the article here. Oh, and though Will Ferrel isn't part of it, there's also this rad podcast:

Happiness Now Please. Hmm...

You know the posters. This, dear readers, is the Keep Calm And Carry On book. 
For years I lived in the future, in the many promises of what was to be... And for years I waited, eventually wilting into a shell of the person I once was. A few months ago I called "bullshit!" I wised up. I vowed never to sit by hoping for happiness to magically arrive. I ventured out to find it for myself. And now, I'm proud to announce, the annoying, optimistic me is on his way back. In fact, I think he'll be here in time for the weekend. Awwww yeaaaah!!!!!

Hmm... of the day

Have a great day.