Saturday, August 14, 2010

How Top Gear Responds To Criticism. Hmm...

So it seems that the fine folks at Top Gear were sent an angry email from an angry man who angrily feels that they are doing a disservice to its viewers (the entire world basically) by never actually properly reviewing normal, everyday cars on their show. This is Jeremy Clarkson's response. Classic!

Attack Of ZapZilla! Hmm...

Yesterday, we threw a farewell party for two amazing people who've moved on to happier, healthier lives; my good friends Jeff and Jelena. We invited faces old and new. There was cake and booze and rad indie music bouncing off the walls. And then an unexpected guest arrived: Gareth's photo-bombing middle finger that shall now and forever be known as ZapZilla!

Hmm... of the day

Of this I can attest. The past week has been super shit on so many levels, but now everything seems to be coming up roses.