Sunday, August 8, 2010

Club Sundays @ Dukes. Hmm...

Some friends and I get together at the end of every weekend for what we like to call Club Sundays. We choose a new restaurant each time, stuff our faces and catch up on each others lives mostly laughing our heads off. Today we hit a new gourmet burger joint called Dukes. It's in Greenside. It's very yum.
It's a little too fancy for what it is, they play way too much James Blunt and service is a kinda so-so...
But we had a rad time anyway thanks to their amazing burgers!
This is called MY COUSIN VINNY: chicken breast, brie, cranberry, balsamic reduction, roasted onions, watercress and sweet potato wedges.
I ended with a delicious pecan nut pie topped with homemade ice-cream and stupid amounts of stringed sugar that seemed to make no sense on the plate. I ate it all anyway.

Happy Movie. Hmm...

Roco Belic, an Oscar nominated documentary director, has been traveling around the world trying to measure happiness. Not a bad way to spend 4 years. He even sold his house in San Francisco and moved to a trailer park in Malibu just so he could surf more. Does he know something we don't? See for yourself here.

Hmm... of the day

My dad sent me this article from the NYTIMES that talks about happiness in today's society versus how it used to be. It seems people my age are going through some sort of quarter-life crisis trying to make sense of whatever it is that's going on or not going on in their lives. I suppose it's crossed my mind too. I'm, uh, "happy" to say, the findings of the article mirror the precise reasons I started this blog, why I don't work nights and weekends anymore like I used to and especially why I try to live life far beyond a desk.

Read the article here. You'll be all the more happier for it.