Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sublime Sol Linero. Hmm...

She's an amazing artist and animator. Best of all, she has something important to say about the world we live in and in a way that definitely stands out. Lovely, lovely stuff. See more of it here, after you watch these videos of course.

The Summer Of Data Liberation. Hmm...

Or Winter, if you live in South Africa. But I digress. Here's the big news: A landmark U.S. Copyright Office decision says it's now OK to "jailbreak" your iPhone and install unauthorized software, which Apple claimed was illegal. Also, you can now crack DVDs and e-books. I better not be dreaming, mainly because I'd be blogging in my dream and that's just sad. If this is the real deal, I say go friggen nuts, people!

Hmm... of the day

For more, head to a little site called Learn Something Every Day.

Getting Out More. Hmm...

It may be winter and all but there's still a ton you can do out and about, especially on August 10th. That said, local Joburg photographer, Dan Rosenthal, will be having his first solo exhibition at the Gerard Sekoto Gallery Alliance Francaise on that day and I, for one, will definitely be in attendance. 

For those of you who don't know of him, and I certainly hadn't heard of him until a family friend enlightened me, Dan has a knack for turning the rather mundane into moments of absolute beauty, as the above photos certainly attest. 

If you're interested in going simply contact the Gallery at or you can just RSVP directly or via Facebook.