Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hmm... of the day

Even though The World Cup has been over for about a week, South Africans are still friggen rocking! This is Louis Oosthuizen otherwise known as Shrek. Apparently he's rather gap-toothed and ogre-like when swinging a club. Well, today he won the British Open by 7 strokes. Oh and he's ranked 54 in the world. Well, he was. Now if only the Springboks could beat New Zealand next week at Soccer City... COME ON!

Invisible Skateboards. Hmm...

In about 2003 or so I bought Spike Jonze's rad skateboarding documentary YEAH RIGHT, and I found myself watching it, especially this part, over and over and over again. It was just so flippen awesome. Seeing it again after all these years I have to admit, and I'm sure you will too, it still rocks! Time really has no effect on great ideas I guess.

Look At This Face. Hmm...

I've never really understood that whole "sick as a dog" thing. 'Cos the flu is hitting me rather hard right now and I look nothing like this chap. I probably look and feel more like what this little guy leaves on the rug at least once a day.