Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why To Ride A Bike. Hmm...

Sure, it's a romantic notion; riding bikes to save, well, everything we know and care about. Perhaps there's something to this. Perhaps we should stop sneering and sighing and rolling our eyes at messages like this one. Perhaps, after all is said and done, once all the pros and cons have been added up, our pride alone will be our greatest downfall, more than any other man-made threat. So do yourself a favour and watch this video. Really watch it. Maybe you'll be inspired to ride a bike. Maybe you won't. At least you'll be out of harm's way for a minute and 27 seconds. 

To view the entire campaign, click here. It's understated but pretty cool.

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth. Hmm...

Perhaps this was more relevant a few years ago. Then again, maybe it still is for some agencies here in SA.

Hmm... of the day

Best Reuters headline ever! Here's the link to the article, not that you really need to read it. Aren't words fun?

Save Paul The Octopus. Hmm...

Okay, so this is Paul The Octopus. I mentioned him yesterday in my post below. He lives in Germany and he's psychic, apparently. See, he's correctly predicted the outcomes of all of Germany's World Cup matches, including last night's defeat to Spain which has angered a lot of German fans. So much so, they want him made into calamari. In response to this madness, a few SAVE PAUL THE OCTOPUS groups has been set up on Facebook. I've joined. You should do the same. Don't let ze Germans win this one either :)