Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 New Trent Reznor Tracks For Free? Hmm...

Just click here

A video almost as awesome as the initiative it was created for. Hmm...

My mom was a teacher for 37 or so years and like every teacher on earth, she never really got the credit she deserved from parents or from the kids she taught. Hopefully this will catch on and give great teachers the praise they so richly deserve. 

Hmm... of the day

The perfect dessert before bed after a long, hard productive day: crêpes suzette. We had them made for us table-side last night by our head waiter, Mario. Super fun to watch and delicious to eat. Plus, I think he added more Grand Marnier than is usually required and brandy, for some reason. I used my iPhone to video him doing his thing but it's rather boring to watch 3 minutes of a guy in a penguin suit making fancy pancakes even with so much fire involved. So, here's Gordon Ramsey instead.