Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Azienda Sengiari. Hmm...

Not a bad place to taste some delicious wine. It's their last of the season so we were pretty lucky. They gave us four varieties that were each paired with a range of cheeses, breads, prosciutto, salami and greens. The air was fresh, the view spectacular and my tastebuds are still thanking me. I can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon in Italy.

Italy's Joseph. Hmm...

Except his name is really Mario Angelo, a local tailor here in Abano and that's his favourite jacket. You can see him sporting it on any given day, strutting about doing his thang. Oh, and get this, he's also the town's best opera singer. Gotta love Europe.

Hmm... of the day

I flippen dig the new Diesel campaign: BE STUPID. I spent quite a bit of time and moolah in one of their stores yesterday being just that. This is their fitting room area. I love the elephant pic.

Oh, I just heard that the ASA in the UK have banned the Diesel campaign! They really are wankers over there.