Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baggage Roulette. Hmm...

This was my baggage carousel at Marco Polo Airport in Venice. As an ad guy, it's pretty clever (it's for a local casino). As a traveler who's had his bags "misplaced" on more than one occasion, it's pretty friggen brilliant. I guess my luck was pretty good too. My bag came out first!

Hmm... of the day

I wasn't too pleased to see that the plane I was taking from Nice to Venice was an old, tiny prop plane painted to look shiny and new. I was even less pleased to read the words "FlyBaboo" on its side. Yup, that's the airline's real friggen name, even though I booked Alitalia.

To my absolute surprise, it was an amazing flight! I stepped onto the plane and the delicious scent of fresh baked muffins just filled my entire being. The seats were huge, the passengers were few and a ton of leg room awaited me in the back row. Oh, and not a bump of turbulence in the sky.

Even the barf bags were awesome.