Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hmm... of the day

Despite having no shortlists thus far (sigh) I'm absolutely making the most of Cannes. Yesterday we hit the beach, swam out to a jetty in the middle of the bay, waved at the plebs on the private beaches and basked in the glory of the sun. Then we did some shopping (window and grocery) and attended the Promo/ACtivation/Direct/PR awards ceremonies where I was flippen impressed with what was awarded. Really, really amazing ideas from mainly Sweden and Australia. Then we kinda partied late into the night, as one does here in Cannes. Woke up early this morning (see pic) and went for a lovely run on the Croisette through the marina, some parks and along the waterfront where I not only felt my age, but all those yummy beers from last night. Aviv La France!