Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mother's Milk. Hmm...

Hooters. They just seem to be the answer to so many of the world's problems: loneliness, depression, stress... a massive oil spill. 

Hooters ‘Project Pantyhose’ is a concept to help clean up BP's collosal blunder in the Gulf Coast. The girls, and look how cute they look, are collecting all of their used and torn pantyhose and using them to help the cause. The Hooters ladies have a goal of collecting 100,000 pairs of used or torn pantyhose which will be made into booms that help collect oil. The project is expected to create 15 miles worth of booms and has the potential to soak up 1 million gallons of oil. It really makes me wonder, is there anything hooters can't do?

Google music. Hmm...

So, we all love Apple's iTunes, right? Sorta. It'd be nice if there was an easy way to access the iTunes Music Store from South Africa. There would probably be less piracy at 99c a song. All I reckon is considering that Google and Apple have been competing against each other more often than not nowadays, it shouldn’t be too surprising to get wind that Google could be gearing up to launch a music service that would offer song downloads and streaming music as early as September/October 2010. Yup, that's in a few months time. Gotta love rivalry.

Hmm... of the day

Imagine your city without cars or congestion on the highways or streets. Just calm, wonderful open spaces. This is the very peaceful looking dream Ross Ching has for LA (good luck, dude). He made a video about it.