Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graping people in the mouth. Hmm...

I mean who in advertising hasn't sat in one of these meetings?

Hmm... of the day

Africa is awesome.

The past, present and future on the SF metro. Hmm...

San Francisco is and probably always will be my favourite place to live. Granted, I haven't been back there in years, it's photos like this one that remind me how diverse the city really is and how that adds to its, well, awesomeness.

You've got three everyday people here. One reading the newspaper, one a Kindle and the other an iPad. I guess the open seat symbolises Web 4.0 or whatever the next big thing is gonna be called.

Here are some other pics of SF just for the heck of it. No Golden Gate Bridge or anything like that. PIcs of real SF.

A typical morning. Sigh...
Clarion Alley. Amazing street art can be found here on a daily basis.

Vesuvio, where Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road and drank a lot.

The legendary Fillmore Auditorium known for hosting some of the greatest bands since the 60's. The posters you see here, line the entire inside of the venue. It's amazing to see the history of who has taken the stage here. What's also amazing is each poster is hand crafted for each concert. They print a limited amount and they actually give you one as you leave the show. How fricken awesome!!!

This is my favourite candy store ever! If Willy Wonka existed, he'd be an Italian guy who owns this shop.

Big Nate's BBQ. The best you'll ever have in your life. Big Nate Thurmond is an old-school NBA star from a few decades ago. He retired and decided to open an unassuming BBQ joint that may just be the best in the world. Everything is basted and marinated in Big Nate's bbq suace, placed in massive iron kilm for a few days to slow cook. I swear it just drips onto the plate.

Before digital downloading, this is where I'd go for all my albums, records, songbooks, DVD's, etc... It's basically a warehouse containing everything you could ever imagine when it comes to music. I hope it's still open.

A typical street in SF lined with Victorian homes. I miss living in one. 

And here we have a silly photo of some friends and I just walking around SF. There's Tina, Victor, me with slightly more hair than I have now and Brett who, despite his gang signs, isn't in a gang at all. Maybe a cake-eating gang. In which case, I'd like to join immediately.