Sunday, May 23, 2010

A new exhibition @ Arts On Main. Hmm...

Today was filled with sunshine, blue skies, pancakes, bacon, syrup, art, free cappuccinos, more art, good friends, great conversation, tagliatelle w/meatballs and two pieces of delicious cake. Not bad for a Sunday.

This was my favourite project there. One of 3 photo sculptures with one of Joburg's most famous/infamous buildings, Ponte, as their subjects.
Each set of pics gives an insight into the lives of those living there, with each row representing a particular floor of the building displaying front doors open and closed, television sets and what's on them and lastly, windows open and shut.

Here are some close-ups:

These lovely people gave away free lattes and cappuccinos. At least I hope they were free. Maybe that's why the old guy is so bummed.

Oh, look. There's William Kentridge. Nice hat dude.

The Swinger. Hmm...

The Swinger takes any song and turns it into swing music.  It's basically computer code (part of the EchoNest project) that's designed to time-stretch the first half of each beat of a song while time-shrinking the second half. The effect is pretty flippen awesome! But you decide:

Sweet Child O' Mine (Swing Version) by plamere
Enter Sandman- the Swing Version by plamere
Don't Stop Believin' (Swing Version) by plamere

Hmm... of the day

I couldn't agree more.