Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cake, champagne and more champagne. Hmm...

Yesterday, my good friend and art director, Sergio, turned 32. He had a little shindig at Wolves. We laughed. We drank. I ate far too much cake. Not that that's a bad thing.

 Sergio started things off proving he can add class to any situation.

After a little hobnobbing, he opened his gifts.


Then a strange homeless man showed up to lick the window.

Enter the cake and, of course, Serg after a lot of champagne.

While attacking his birthday cake, Liam the Ginger tried to steal the limelight.

So he attacked the cake from a different angle.


The night ended like most for Serg, in the arms of the homeless guy.

Art Comic Opera. Hmm...

Suddenly Opera is very, very cool to watch.

It's called OperaLive. Get your free ticket here.