Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Married 35 years today. Hmm...

My mom and dad. Awesome.

The Radio Works Conference 2010. Hmm...

It's not as exciting as it sounds. Thankfully there's a gift bag to make up for it. Inside I found some wonderful stuff to keep myself busy: 

A rad set of cardboard speakers

A nifty pencil and sharpener with, wait for it, a doodle book; which makes me think they must have known how boring most of the speakers were going to be. 

So I dodled:

Undoubtedly the question on most of our minds for the day, "WTF?"

A self-portrait with the added drama of a radio about to kill me

An almost illegible cry for HELP

And for some reason, a bowling alley vulture. 

As you can tell, boredom was eating my brain but then it suddenly stopped and I ceased to doodle. Tian van den Heever, a creative director from DraftFCB, began to speak and suddenly the sound of hundreds of scribbling pencils gave way to Donkey Kong sized barrels of laughter. 

Then John Culverwell from Sonovision got up there and kept the energy flowing, our minds racing and our faces sore from smiling. 

We were on a roll. This was actually fun now. I was sure the next few speakers were gonna flippen rock!

What you're seeing here are the two highly sharpened pencils I stuck between my eyelids just to keep from falling into a coma during the remaining speakers. The excruciating pain was a welcomed distraction from the words, "Radio ads have been shown to lead people online. Isn't that great?" and the many, many others the remaining speakers vomited up.

Moral of the story? Next time, wait for the DVD and stay away from sharp, wooden objects.

Motivation. Hmm...

I had an interesting chat last night about what motivates me to be in advertising. I'm not going to go into it here, but suffice it to say, it's a topic that's been on my mind quite a lot recently. And while we all have our own motivations for whatever it is we are doing, the true science/psychology behind it is hardly explored.Oh, look. A video!

Hmm... of the day

A vending machine in Dubai made of solid gold that dispenses, you guessed it, solid gold. WTF Dubai?