Sunday, May 9, 2010

Make 3 people's day? Hmm...

Here's how I did it:


1) I put a smile on my mom's face with some gifts and a yummy lunch for Mother's Day. And yes, that's her asking me to call her more often!

2) I put a smile on my good friends' (Kim and Lippy) son's face by helping them build the most awesome pirate ship in the world... that I coincidentally got him for his birthday a few months ago. Little Jack is now and forever, well at least until he stops plundering, known as Captain Jack!

3) I put a smile on my own face by reading through my latest literary purchase: 'WICHCRAFT - the greatest book ever on gourmet sandwich making!!!!!!!! If you want a copy, and trust me, you really do, email my good friend/book dealer Janita here:

Top Chef Masters? Hmm...

I've been a fan/addict of Top Chef for flippen ever! So much so, I feel I'm now waaaaaay too critical of the food I get served at times. Okay, all the time. And to feed (pun intended) my growing snobbery of all things yummy, there's Top Chef Masters, now in its 2nd season, and it's amazing!!! The most bad-ass chefs on the planet, including some of the bastards who smugly ripped the original Top Chef contestants' hearts out, are now under the gun, uh... grill and it's a delicious stew of kimzet with a dash of poetry, drizzelled with the thick sauce that is drama. Side order of ego to top it all off. 

Only two questions remain:
1) Can one get fat from watching an episode?
2) Will the mean Chinese dude ninja everyone to take the prize?

Me thinks YES to both, even though I know ninjas aren't chinese...