Friday, May 7, 2010

The bridge that made me go hmm...

Jo'burg has been so stressful lately. I figured I'd get out of town, explore the beautiful Eastern Cape and jump off a bridge. Bloukrans Bridge to be precise, home to the world's highest and probably most picturesque bungee jump. 

First, you step into an unflattering harness. Then you make your way towards the jumping platform at the centre of the bridge where you suddenly realise you're an idiot. You're then introduced to a number of expertly trained personnel who you're certain weren't trained by an expert. Horrible music begins to play. They call your name, secure the bungee to your legs and help you to the edge of the platform. Before you know it they're counting down and without thinking, you jump... and like the day you were born all you can do is scream. 

You spend the rest of the day smiling, full of adrenaline and happy you bought the video so you never have to do it again. Though I totally would!